‘TherapeiaVR,’ Pain-Management System

‘TherapeiaVR,’ Pain-Management System That Uses VR to Distract Patients.

Evidence-based therapy has enabled anesthesia-free medical procedures in clinical trials.

LAS VEGAS (Dec. 27, 2022) – At CES® 2023 (Jan. 5-8), xCura, a Japanese health-tech startup, will showcase “TherapeiaVR,” a pain management system that uses VR contents to take patients’ minds away from what’s happening to their bodies, effectively reducing or eliminating the need to use anesthesia and/or pain medication. Developed by the company’s founder & CEO Yuichiro Niijima using his years of experience as a hypnotherapist, “TherapeiaVR” was released on Dec. 2 in Japan following the successful clinical trials across the country, in which both patients and clinicians reported the system’s effectiveness in helping patients manage their fear and pain during dental procedures, gastroscopy, and various other procedures.

‘TherapeiaVR,’ Pain-Management System

“Taking anesthesia and strong pain medication can take heavy tolls on one’s body, in some cases leading
to long-term problems, such as addiction. As a non-pharmaceutical approach to pain management,
‘TherapeiaVR’ can help reduce these problems,” Niijima said. “TherapeaiVR’s VR content combines
evidence-based psychotherapy methods with VR technology, measuring physical signs of pain while
guiding patients to follow specific breathing techniques. We are thrilled to introduce this innovative pain
reduction system at CES 2023.”

How It Works:

  • Therapy consists of a VR app and VR goggles. VR content varies, depending on what types of medical procedures it is used for. (In some videos, patients would virtually walk through the forest, space, etc.)
  • VR is designed to visually guide the patients to breathe in certain tempos to engender parasympathetic dominance in their bodies, allowing their bodies and minds to relax, while VR narration helps them perform autogenic training (a self-induced calming and relaxation method) and progressive muscle relaxation method to reduce their anxiety and pain.
  • Throughout a procedure, TherapeiaVR keeps track of the size of patients’ pupils and the frequency of pupil dilation, as the pupil dilates when one is feeling pain.
  • Simple operation. Only requires users to plug in the system and turn it on.
  • TherapeiaVR could be used as a pain management tool in procedures and treatments in ophthalmology, obstetrics, nephrology, orthopedics, anesthesiology, psychiatry, rehabilitation, among others.
  • • Scheduled for a release in Indonesia and Finland in April 2023.
‘TherapeiaVR,’ Pain-Management System

About xCura
xCura is a Japanese health-tech startup with a mission to reduce people’s sufferings through
innovative use of technology. The company develops pain-management systems that use VR to ease
patients’ fear and pain during medical procedures.

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