IBT and ATLATL Join Forces to Tackle Challenges in Brain Health.

Beijing, September 04, 2023 – Infinite Brain Technologies (IBT) and ATLATL Innovation Centre (ATLATL) have this week entered a Memorandum of Understanding. As esteemed figures in their industries, the two organizations will join forces to advance the field of brain health technology integrated with artificial intelligence.

Starting out of China, IBT Global is a rising player in Digital Therapeutics (DTx) with an experienced cross-functional team operating at the intersection of neuroscience and software technology. IBT global develops patient-facing software applications that provide better outcomes for patients with proven clinical benefit.

The ATLATL Center for Innovation & Research is a global innovation research and development center located in the heart of multiple prestigious science parks, creating a new life sciences ecosystem by partnering with entrepreneurs, investors, pharmaceutical companies, and service companies.

“IBT’s team focuses on developing precise Digital Therapeutics for brain health globally and we are pleased and honored to be partnering with ATLATL to develop precise digital therapeutics for brain health with advanced AI technologies.”

Dr. Wei Sun, Founder and Chairman of IBT

“ATLATL is known for its infrastructure and operational management, specialized core facilities and on-site interactive research services. IBT is widely acknowledged for its ability to develop accurate digital therapeutics using advanced AI technologies and we are honored to work with IBT to enhance global innovation in brain health.”

CEO of ATLATL, PC Zhu, expressed how ATLATL aims to make a significant contribution to the global brain health industry

“We are thrilled to partner with ATLATL, leveraging its extensive R&D services and vast bio-tech networks, as we at IBT work towards our mission of creating cutting-edge AI-powered digital therapeutics. Our goal is to provide effective clinical solutions for individuals battling mental disorders.”

Justin Jia, CTO of IBT and CEO of IBT Global said
IBT and ATLATL Join Forces to Tackle Challenges in Brain Health

About ATLATL Innovation Centre (ATLATL)

The ATLATL Innovation Center is a world-class scientific hub for global life sciences. ATLATL streamlines the elements of R&D to improve resource utilization and revolutionizes the traditional asset-heavy investment model into an asset-light operation model. ATLATL provides not only state of the art facilities and professional operational management, but also many R&D platforms staffed with scientists and project managers specializing in various fields. By collaborating with leading biopharmaceuticals, ATLATL integrates global resources to stimulate innovative developments. ATLATL currently has R&D platforms all around the world, including Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Boston, etc., leveraging the uniqueness of each site to help innovators quickly reach the next milestone.

About Infinite Brain Technologies (IBT)

Infinite Brain Technology (Beijing Infinite Brain Technology Co. , Ltd.) is a neuroscience smart healthcare company focusing on children and adolescents’ mental health services.